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Native advertising covers a wide spectrum of ad units and advertising strategies, and best practices can be hard to uncover. Adzerk took an in-depth look at the major categories of native ads (sponsored content, amplified content, and in-feed content) to share which practices worked and which didn't.

We believe that advertising should be effective for marketers, lucrative for publishers, and acceptable for users, and native ads are no exception. Topics discussed in our eBook include:

  • Opportunities for brands to communicate with users
  • Can sponsored content convert leads, build awareness, or do both?
  • Is amplified content better for publishers or advertisers?
  • Native key performance indicators
  • How publishers and brands can maintain quality control

The eBook also includes real-world examples of the Law of Native Ads in action. Not sure what that is? Read the eBook to find out!

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Introducing Sales Management - The Better Way To Sell Your Ad Inventory

It's the biggest extension to the Adzerk platform since 2012, and it's here: Adzerk Sales Management is a solution for booking inventory and coordinating sales proposals that will streamline your ad sales process.

Your sales team can communicate a clear picture of your site's sold and available inventory to advertisers, and instantly transform proposals into campaigns with a closed deal. Your ad ops and finance teams will also have full transparency into revenue and upcoming campaigns.

How It Works

Once you install the Sales Management extension, the "Sales" tab will appear in your Adzerk account.

In the Sales tab, the Media Plans menu lets you filter plans by salesperson, advertiser or sales status (Pitched, Reserved, Approved, Trafficked, or Closed Lost). You can start new media plans with a few clicks.

You can then attach line items to the plan, which uses the same interface as creating Adzerk flights. Once a media plan is booked, you can convert it to a campaign with a single click, and it's ready to serve.

Add your own custom fields to media plans (such as insertion order IDs or tracking numbers) to replicate the documentation of your internal sales process. Keep your ad server and your records in sync.

Sales Management also includes our new, more robust forecasting system. You can now forecast on a specific start and end date, and even forecast by keyword.

The forecast report shows both ongoing campaigns and media plans competing for your future inventory, so you can safeguard against overbooking.

What Sales Management Does For Your Team

  • Reduces time spent on ad trafficking
  • Automates routine sales tasks
  • Maintains accuracy throughout the ad sales process
  • Creates total transparency for your sales team
  • Manages your inventory down to the impression-per-day level

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Strava Selects Adzerk for Cross-Device Targeting Solution

The Adzerk team is pleased that Strava, the online network that connects a global community of athletes, is using Adzerk. Strava's free mobile apps and website help members discover and plan workouts, record and share activities, and analyze and compare performance. Strava’s ability to connect athletes around the world makes fitness a more social experience, providing extra motivation even when training alone.

The Adzerk platform helps Strava reach segments of their athletes with messages integrated into their app and website. They can broadcast engaging stories about other athletes, invite athletes to premium subscriptions, or promote running or cycling routes in an athlete's local area. Most importantly, Strava uses Adzerk's UserDB system to limit how often athletes view messages in both their mobile app and the web.

"UserDB lets us show an promotion to a Strava member only once, across any of the platforms we support," says Andrew Touchstone, Director of Business Development at Strava. "This keeps our conversion rates high and keeps our marketing campaigns from getting overexposed. It’s been a really powerful tool."

Another Adzerk tool essential to the partnership is the Native Ads API, which allows for custom notification types to be called and delivered inside Strava's app. They target athlete segments using the Zerkel querying language, integrating properties from their internal database into ad requests. Also, Strava uses data shipping to transport event data directly to their Amazon S3 bucket, bypassing Adzerk's reporting system and applying their own analytics.

"Strava has come up with some really creative ways to reach their users and analyze the results," says James Avery, CEO of Adzerk. "It's been a great experience helping them build their system on our platform, and we're looking forward to the awesome things they'll continue to do in the future."

Learn more about Strava and Adzerk's partnership in our customer stories.