Come Visit Adzerk at NY Tech Day 2015

NY Tech Day 2015

Adzerk will be one of the exhibiting startups at NY Tech Day 2015 on Thursday April 23 from 10 AM to 5:30 PM. Admission is free!

Tech Day promises to be the largest startup event in the world. Last year, there were 13,000 attendees, 415 startups, $20 billion worth of investment capital represented by Angels & VCs, major press and national news coverage, and appearances from the Attorney General and City Comptroller.

If you're attending, or if you're in NYC and want to check in with the Adzerk team, come drop by our booth and say howdy. We'll have Adzerk and Boot stickers waiting for you.

Adzerk Sponsors ProductCamp RTP 2015

Product Camp RTP

Innovate or die! But how do you innovate as a sole entrepreneur or as part of a large company? How do we take chances when failure can devastate our career or our company? Join local and international thought leaders as we explore and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul of the innovator.

The all day conference on April 11th brings together innovators, product designers, developers, managers and marketers to help you navigate the perilous path from ideation to commercialization.

Whether you are looking to spark new ideas, make new connections and find ways to bring existing ones to market, this conference is worth its weight in gold.

Adzerk is proud to be a Gold Sponsor for the ProductCamp RTP spring event tomorrow on April 11th. Tickets are sold old, but a waitlist is available.

Hope to see you there!

Adzerk Acquires King's Sandwich Shop

King's Sandwich Shop

Adzerk, the API-based ad server for sites and apps, announces its first acquisition today— the venerable sandwich shop King’s, located a few blocks away from Adzerk headquarters in Durham, North Carolina.

“More and more startups today are hiring private chefs and kitchen staff,” says Adzerk CEO James Avery. “We eat at King’s so much that it just made sense to add them to our team.”

Adzerk Acquires King's Sandwich Shop

King’s, well-known in Durham for its burgers and hot dogs, was founded in 1942 on the corner of Geer and Foster Streets. It closed in 2007, but was purchased by T.J. and Maggie McDermott and reopened in 2009.

“The Adzerk guys are the best,” says T.J. “Somebody from Adzerk eats here about every day in the week. I was a little hesitant when James said that he wanted to buy us out, but when we hammered out the terms, I wasn’t disappointed.”

Kings celebrates Adzerk acquisition

As part of the $1.7MM acquisition deal, the McDermotts will continue to manage the restaurant. The menu and great service will stay the same. However, a King’s staff member will deliver Adzerk orders directly to the office at any time during the business day. King’s will also cater Adzerk events.

“We actually set up a channel in Slack, our company chat app, just for King’s,” says Avery. “Everybody puts in what they want, and the kitchen staff gets a notification on their phones. We’re all going to gain so much weight!”

Adzerk team enjoys King's

Long-time customers won’t notice many differences under the Adzerk-run King’s, but some of the custom sandwiches invented by Adzerk may make it to the menu if the McDermotts approve.

“King’s is a part of Durham history,” says Avery. “We love our city and we love that we get to become a big part of the community. That and the Cackalacky King were enough to make us buy the place.”

Adzerk is an API-based ad server that provides the infrastructure for publishers, communities, marketplaces, and utilities to customize and scale advertising. We support banners, video, native, and custom units. Serve any ad, anywhere.

King’s is located at 701 Foster Street in Durham, NC. They are open from 11 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday. Telephone: 919-682-0071

Introducing UserDB - The Cookieless Targeting Database

UserDB Cookieless Targeting Database for Advertising

Today marks the official release of Adzerk’s UserDB— the server-side store that enables sites and apps to target ads to specific sets of users. UserDB is cookieless and accessible across multiple devices.

Some features of UserDB have been available for several months, but now UserDB is fully released for all current and future Adzerk partners. For example, Strava is using UserDB to serve custom messages and notifications in their mobile app

Top Applications of UserDB

Cross-Device Frequency Capping - Display a creative for a fixed number of impressions to a user over a given time period. This keeps conversion and click rates high and keeps ads from becoming overexposed. Ads can be capped over mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.

Behavioral Targeting - Serve relevant ads to users based on similar ads they have clicked or converted on. Keep engagement high and help brands reach their most valuable prospects.

Ad Blocking - Improve campaign performance by blocking ads users have already clicked or converted on.

Custom User Properties - Store and target on custom data from your own site or app. Want to target users who signed up for a mailing list, performed a custom action (like Liking a post) or spend above average time on the app? Reach them by passing custom data into UserDB.

Ad Retargeting - Enable brands to reach relevant users on other sites and apps through a retargeting pixel.

Privacy Is Essential

Users are capable of opting out of all UserDB features by wiping their UserDB record clean and preventing Adzerk from storing data about their activity. We believe that internet users are entitled to control their own data, and marketers should reach prospects who consent to being targeted. Adzerk makes sure that both are possible.

Adzerk clients are able to generate a opt-out pixel that can be placed on an opt-out page in their properties. If you have questions are opting out, please contact the Adzerk client using UserDB. Note that UserDB is an optional feature, so not all Adzerk clients have it enabled.

How It Works

Each Adzerk partner can optionally enable UserDB for their advertising traffic. Each user that receives ads from an Adzerk partner is then allocated their own UserDB record.

Adzerk will generate a UserID for each detected new user, and then sites and apps will use the ID to make ad requests to generate that user's impressions. They pass the UserID to Adzerk via a Native Ads API request or through our JavaScript ad tags. Also, some Adzerk partners may tie UserDB records to a user’s UserID in their internal database for tracking and consistency.

The UserDB API is a full API that gives sites and apps access to view and modify user records in Adzerk’s databases. POSTing a RESTful request with a JSON object creates or modifies the record.

In addition, UserDB uses endpoints that create opt-out, behavioral targeting, or retargeting pixels. Our knowledge base goes into detail.

Get Started with UserDB

UserDB is available as a separate add-on to standard Adzerk service. If you have any questions, visit our pricing page or contact one of our sales engineers.