Rate Type, Price and eCPM in Reports – Introducing TrueRevenue

We recently added an enhancement to our reports – you can now view the Rate Type and Price for each flight in a report, as well as […]

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Why reddit Built Their Advertising System on the Adzerk Platform

Enterprise publisher reddit built their native advertising on the Adzerk ad server platform.

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How Does Pricing Work In Adzerk?

An overview of pricing options on the Adzerk enterprise ad server.

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Daily and Lifetime Caps – Deliver Your Ad Campaigns With Greater Precision

This week, we released Caps for flights, which gives both your ad ops and your sales teams greater precision than ever for selling inventory and delivering ads. […]

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Why Building On An API Is Better Than Writing An Ad Server

The Adzerk ad server platform contains a full-featured API for creating campaigns and making ad requests.

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Update: Keywords In Reporting Available Only With The “Advanced Forecasting” App

Starting March 28, 2014, keywords will only appear in reports if your account has the Advanced Forecasting app installed. (This applies to forecasting reports as well.) The […]

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Why You Should Use an Ad Server for Your Email Newsletters

The Adzerk ad server is platform for managing banner ads in your email newsletters.

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An Update to Adzerk’s Support Options

Starting March 10, 2014, Adzerk will be offering two support options for new customers: Standard Support Standard support provides you with full account management for your first […]

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New At-A-Glance Campaign Status Indicators

At-a-glance statuses let ad ops professionals check campaign help on the Adzerk ad server.

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Serve Banner Ads From URLs

This week, we released an enhancement to a feature that’s been part of the Adzerk platform from the beginning – you can now set up creatives using […]

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