Comparison: Hosting an Ad Server Yourself Versus A Hosted Platform

If you have custom ad requirements for your site or web property (such as custom native ad units or stringent load time requirements), a common solution is […]

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Browser and OS Targeting is Now Part Of Zerkel

As we expand the functionality of custom targeting and the Zerkel querying language, we’ve migrated several features that were part of the flight’s page interface into Zerkel […]

Posted Jul 8, 2014 by

Adzerk Ends Self-Serve Program

On August 31st, Adzerk will end our self-serve account program. This includes both free accounts and accounts who purchased apps from the Marketplace. Self-serve users will have […]

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Adzerk Supports Reset The Net

Adzerk has always been a strong supporter of user privacy, and so we’re joining forces with users, publishers and app developers to Reset The Net. As an […]

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How Publishers Can Avoid Ads That Wreck Their Brand

The New York Times is in hot water for running a homepage banner promoting the Investigative Project on Terrorism, a group considered to be anti-Islamic. Even though […]

Posted May 23, 2014 by

Custom Targeting is Now Case-Sensitive

This is an alert for all Adzerk developers using Zerkel (Custom Targeting) in their flights: As of June 4th, Zerkel queries will be case-sensitive. This change is […]

Posted May 21, 2014 by

Promoted Pinterest Pins – Native Advertising In Its Natural Habitat

Big names are signing up to sponsor Pinterest’s native ads unit: Kraft, General Mills, Ziploc, Nestle, and others. The price of that inventory is likewise major league, […]

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Changes to Third-Party Ad Server Click Tracking

We’ve changed the field for appending a click macro in our third-party ad server type ad tags. Instead of using setClickUrl(), you should now use setRedirectUrl() for […]

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Rate Type, Price and eCPM in Reports – Introducing TrueRevenue

We recently added an enhancement to our reports – you can now view the Rate Type and Price for each flight in a report, as well as […]

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Why reddit Built Their Advertising System on the Adzerk Platform

Enterprise publisher reddit built their native advertising on the Adzerk ad server platform.

Posted Apr 17, 2014 by