Ad Serving Infrastructure

for Awesome Companies

Targets and Optimizes Ads

StackExchange targets and optimizes ads across hundreds of criteria and forecasts their inventory for an efficient media selling process.

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Serve Ads Anywhere

BitTorrent integrated ads into their desktop apps, optimizing their campaigns to serve the highest yields more often.

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Native Ads Platform

Reddit created a native advertising platform with a self-serve interface, allowing brands to bid directly on their inventory.

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Cross-Device User Targeting

Strava deploys messages and notifications in their site and app, increasing user engagement while exporting data for advanced analytics.

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Complete Display Solution

jQuery Foundation manages internal sponsorships and promotions with fast-loading, asynchronous JavaScript ad tags.

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Infrastructure for Custom Widgets

Newsmax used Adzerk's platform and professional services to build a recommendation widget and integrate with native RTB providers.

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Native Advertising Done Right

Native advertising covers a wide spectrum of ad units and strategies. In this article, we share which practices work and uncover best-practices.