Ad Serving Infrastructure

for Awesome Companies


A RESTful Native Advertising API that responds to ad requests with a JSON object, enabling you to integrate any ad unit directly into your CMS or app.

A Management API for deploying campaigns programmatically, providing automated ad serving infrastructure for trafficking direct sales and integrating with demand partners.

Custom Targeting queries that define granular user segments with geo, device, keyword, and custom attributes.

A first-party User Database that tracks users across devices and enables frequency capping, behavioral targeting, and user ad preferences.

An independent Real Time Bidding system that taps the demand partners of your choice and allows them to compete for your inventory.

Targets and Optimizes Ads

Stack Exchange targets and optimizes ads across hundreds of criteria and forecasts their inventory for an efficient media selling process.

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Serve Ads Anywhere

BitTorrent integrated ads into their desktop apps, optimizing their campaigns to serve the highest yields more often.

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Native Ads Platform

Reddit created a native advertising platform with a self-serve interface, allowing brands to bid directly on their inventory.

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Cross-Device User Targeting

Strava deploys messages and notifications in their site and app, increasing user engagement while exporting data for advanced analytics.

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Complete Display Solution

jQuery Foundation manages internal sponsorships and promotions with fast-loading, asynchronous JavaScript ad tags.

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Infrastructure for Custom Widgets

Newsmax used Adzerk's platform and professional services to build a recommendation widget and integrate with native RTB providers.

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Native Advertising Done Right

Let’s be honest. Most products that call themselves native ads don’t live up to their expectations. Any time a new technology becomes the victim of hype, its expectations become unreasonable and its downsides are underplayed. This turns away many potential customers who would be a good fit. More than that, there’s a lot of confusion out there about what should be considered good performance for a native ad unit.

To be fair, we’re at an early point in the life cycle of native ads products. Marketers can look at the same sets of data and conclude that native ads are a failure because they convert x% worse than email marketing, and others conclude that they’re the savior of online advertising because they convert x% better than banner display ads.

But it’s not the products themselves that are failing — it’s how we think about them and how we put them into practice. When native ads succeed, it’s because they align with the content the ads are native to. The details will vary on how users interact with the surrounding content. This is native advertising at its core, and finding the correct ad unit to align with the web property is...