Adzerk is the platform for enterprise publishers who want full control over how they sell and deliver their advertising.

Way back in 2009, our founder and CEO James Avery was frustrated that he couldn’t find the tools he needed to manage advertising on his web properties. He wanted a platform that was easy-to-use yet extremely powerful, customizable but not overly complicated. There simply wasn’t anything like that on the market, so he built his own.

In 2010, he released his software to the world as Adzerk, and the platform hasn’t stopped growing since, attracting forward-thinking publishers like StackExchange and reddit. Far from a simple ad server, Adzerk is a suite of management and delivery APIs and sales tools that navigate the worlds of banners and native ads effortlessly.

Instead of waiting for the next ad technology to arrive, Adzerk gives publishers the power to develop custom advertising solutions and integrate them into their app or web properties. Our support is the best in the industry, because we love working one-on-one with publishers to help them achieve their monetization goals – we haven’t forgotten our publisher roots.

Company Values

  • Advertising should be effective for marketers, lucrative for publishers, and acceptable to users.
  • Users have a right to privacy when using the internet.
  • Content creators deserve to be compensanted for their hard work.
  • We are against toolbars or other tools that defraud publishers of their ad inventory.
  • We are against iframes and other techniques that deceive advertisers about the inventory they’re purchasing.
  • Employees have rights. We have a Bill of Rights, in fact.
  • We put our money where our convictions are.

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