Our Story

Adzerk is growing fast, with over two billion ad requests per day, and is trusted by innovative brands like Bed Bath & Beyond, Ticketmaster, Imgur, Wattpad, and Ellie Mae.

Adzerk began in 2009 when software engineer James Avery wanted better tech for managing his network’s ads. While initially being JavaScript-based, Adzerk quickly focused on server-side API ads as the future of the internet.

Soon, Adzerk offered not just an API ad server, but infrastructure tools for companies to build their own ad products. Now, Adzerk's product is a suite of APIs aimed at powering the back-end of your fully customized ad server.

Leadership Team

James Avery

CEO & Founder

Larry Karnowski

VP of Product

Ron Nelson

VP of Sales

Alejandro Sanchez

VP of Customer Success

Tim Ewald

VP of Engineering

Chris Shuptrine

VP of Marketing


Nat Turner

Flatiron Health

Zach Weinberg

Flatiron Health

Brian Handly

StepLeader Digital

Great Oaks Venture Capital

Peter Horan

Blog Sparks Network

Joshua Schachter

Angel Investor

Kyle York


Bob Senoff

New Millenium Partners

Tim Huntley

Angel Investor

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Jobs at Adzerk

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Our Values

Adzerk is an inclusive workplace. We are mothers, fathers, veterans, students, LGBTQ, immigrants with one goal in common— we want to make the internet a better place.

  • Make the internet a better place. We work with innovative sites and apps that do good things.
  • Be open. We are dedicated to open source and sharing our knowledge.
  • We are all adults. We reject micromanagement and trust our employees.
  • We encourage transparancy. We hide nothing from employees or clients.
  • Go above and beyond. We solve problems for our clients, no matter what it takes.
  • Embrace diversity. We fight to empower underrepresented groups.
  • Always be crushing. We act fast but get it done right.
  • Be a hacker. We maintain a culture of engineering and creative problem solving.