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Launch your product in just weeks

Building a full-featured, custom ad platform could take years and pull engineers from your core product. With Adzerk you can avoid reinventing the wheel and launch in 90% less time.

Ticketmaster built a custom ad server with Adzerk 9x faster than if done from scratch

With Adzerk we built the exact ad server we wanted. No other solution could provide such flexibility.
Ticketmaster, VP of Product

Built for developers. Trusted by enterprises.

curl -H 'Content-Type:application/json' \
  -X POST \
  -d '{"placements":[{
  "user":{"key":"abc"}}' \
{ "user": { "key": "abc" },
  "decisions": {
    "div1": {
      "adID": 1234567,
      "creativeID": 7654321,
      "flightID": 9876543,
      "campaignID": 3456789,
      "clickURL": "https://e-123.adzerk...",
      "imageURL": "https://e-123.adzerk...",
      "height": 250,
      "width": 300,

Customizable build tools

  • Get instant access to hundreds of ad serving features
  • Decision APIs for seamless native promotions; Management & Reporting APIs for self-serve
  • Easily integrate first-party data for more revenue and relevance

"After building a new ad product with Adzerk, we saw a 30% increase in revenue."
— Director of Engineering, Edmunds

Maximize revenue & engagement

  • Grow your business with a new high-margin revenue stream
  • Monetize ad block users for the first time
  • Get revenue optimizers and 1st/2nd-price auction tools so advertisers can compete for inventory

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Ads infrastructure for the internet

  • Adzerk already powers billions of daily ad requests for businesses of all sizes
  • Server-side means fast ad responses (as low as 50ms)
  • Turnkey privacy law compliance removes the need to research every law out there (GDPR, CCPA, etc)
Adzerk is a great partner, and we recommend them to anyone building a custom ad server.
Bed Bath & Beyond, Chief Digital Officer

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