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Adzerk Native Ads API is extensible:

Use Adzerk's ad serving APIs to build your own ad platform, a faster and cheaper alternative to building it entirely from scratch

Out-of-the-box ad servers lack flexibility, ultimately leading to compromises. Yet building your own ad server could take years and cost millions. Fortunately, with Adzerk's APIs, you have the white-labeled infrastructure tools to build your ideal ad platform in just weeks.

Benefits include:
  • Full Control - Create a JSON ad platform that's as unique as your brand, with whatever ad units and business rules you want
  • More Revenue - Sell high-value native ad units and/or incorporate scalable programmatic ads
  • Cost Savings - You won't have to pay for server costs, certifications, and new engineers
  • 100% Server-Side - Speed up your website while minimizing fraud
  • One-Stop Shop - Get instant access to Decision and Reporting APIs, your own DMP, RTB integrations, and much more
Building Integrated Native Ad Platforms

Examples of how innovative brands use Adzerk

  • Seamless Native Ads

    Use Adzerk's APIs to build native ads that mirror organic content.

  • Robust Targeting

    Ads can be tailored by past behavior, search keywords, page content, and more.

  • 100% Server-Side

    Speed up your site while reducing fraud.

Comparing Promoted Post Native Ad Platforms for Communities
  • Dynamic User-Targeting

    Target users based on their behavior, their location, e-mail content, and more.

  • SKU Integration

    Connect your SKU list with Adzerk's Campaign Management APIs for up-to-date ads.

  • Internal or External Ads

    Drive users to your own site, or charge advertisers to send them elsewhere.

Comparing Internal Promotions Native Ad Platforms
  • Build a Self Serve Dashboard

    Connect your front-end dash to Adzerk's Management APIs so buyers can create and pause ads themselves.

  • Add Forecasting Tools

    Show advertisers their expected volume for their targeting parameters.

  • Offer A Reporting Dashboard

    Use Adzerk's Reporting APIs to show real-time data.

Comparing Promoted Post Native Ad Platforms for Communities
  • Innovate Your Ad Network

    Use Adzerk's APIs to create unique ad experiences your publishers will love.

  • Scale Your Platform

    Adzerk is built on AWS and already handles billions of requests a day.

  • Be Free of DFP

    Why build your network on top of your competitor? Build your own tech stack instead.

Comparing Promoted Post Native Ad Platforms for Communities

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