Build integrated native ads in weeks, not years

Adzerk is a cloud API platform for building in-house native ads

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Adzerk Native Ads API is extensible:

Build a native ad platform rivaling that of Facebook or Yelp - at a fraction of the cost and time.

In-house native ads power the success of user-first brands. But creating a server-to-server platform from scratch can take years and cost millions. Adzerk fixes this through a suite of native ad serving APIs (coupled with a decision engine) that enable you to build one in just weeks.

Building Integrated Native Ad Platforms

Network Native Ads

  • Obtrusive

    They may be in-feed, but these ads still stand out.

  • Irrelevant

    Ads are generic and untargeted - a poor user experience.

  • Conflicting Behavior

    Organic posts can be liked and link to an internal page; these ads do neither.

Integrated Native

  • Beautiful

    Use Adzerk's server-to-server APIs to build ads that mirror the unique look and feel of organic content.

  • Relevant

    Ads are tailored by past behavior, real-time search keywords, and page content.

  • Same Behavior

    Users can like and comment on ad directly, and clicks go to an internal page.

Comparing Promoted Post Native Ad Platforms for Communities Comparing Promoted Post Native Ad Platforms for Communities

Network Ads

  • Obtrusive

    Network ads rarely look or feel like marketplace listings.

  • Irrelevant

    Your potential buyers don't want to see ads unrelated to their current search.

  • Lost Revenue

    Many sellers would pay to have their listing promoted - but have no way to do it.

Sponsored Listings

  • Fit Right In

    Use Adzerk's APIs to build sponsored listings: promoted organic listings that don't disrupt the user experience.

  • Relevant

    Target by search (like 'SF events' or 'blue couch') or by page content.

  • Happy Sellers

    Gives sellers a chance to pay for more discoverability.

Comparing Sponsored Listing Native Ad Platforms for Marketplaces Comparing Sponsored Listing Native Ad Platforms for Marketplaces

No Tailored Content

  • Lost Engagement

    You have tons of data - why not use it to recommend engaging ideas or products?

  • Lost Sales

    Internal promos are a great way to upsell and promote new products and events.

Internal Promos

  • Increased Engagement

    Use Adzerk's decision engine to show relevant content that fuels engagement - like 'Related Products', recommended activities, and in-app upgrades.

  • Relevancy

    Add value by targeting by past behavior, location, interests, and more.

  • Great User Experience

    Don't resort to obtrusive pop-ups - make your internal promos look like organic content.

Comparing Internal Promotions Native Ad Platforms Comparing Internal Promotions Native Ad Platforms