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Adzerk Native Ads API is extensible:

Use Adzerk's ad serving APIs to build innovative ad units that drive incremental online revenue.

Maybe you've stopped seeing programmatic ad growth. Or you've built an internal ad server and need to scale it. Or you've never shown ads but want to avoid boring display banners. Welcome to Adzerk - a suite of APIs on which you can build innovative ad and promotion units that'll drive additional online revenue for your site or app.

Building Integrated Native Ad Platforms

Examples of how innovative brands use Adzerk

  • Seamless native ads

    Use Adzerk's APIs to build native ads that mirror organic content.

  • Robust targeting

    Ads can be tailored by past behavior, search keywords, page content, and more.

  • 100% server-side

    Speed up your site while reducing fraud.

Comparing Promoted Post Native Ad Platforms for Communities
  • Sell fast direct-sold ads

    Use your current ad server for programmatic ads, and incorporate Adzerk for fast, server-side direct-sold ads.

  • Get forecasting tools

    Show advertisers their expected volume for their targeting parameters.

  • Offer a self-serve platform

    Use Adzerk's APIs to build a self-serve portal.

Comparing Promoted Post Native Ad Platforms for Communities

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