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Adzerk's APIs can power your ad server infrastructure

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Adzerk Native Ads API is extensible:

Build an API-based ad server that gives you full control of the ad experience and revenue potential.

Ad servers are a must for publishers, but third party solutions are flawed: they aren't server-side, you're forced to share your data, and they don't offer much customization. Yet building your own ad server could take years and cost millions. Fortunately, with Adzerk's APIs, you have the infrastructure tools to build your own personalized ad server in just weeks.

Benefits include:
  • Flexible & Custom - Use APIs to create the ad platform you want, with the custom ad units and business rules you define
  • More Revenue - Sell personalized native ad units at higher ad rates
  • Cost Savings - Adzerk saves you from paying for server costs, certifications, and new engineers
  • 100% Server-Side - Speed up your website while minimizing fraud
Building Integrated Native Ad Platforms
  • Fast

    Server-side ads speed up page load times.

  • More Revenue

    High quality ad units drive better ad rates.

  • Flexible

    Design whatever you want, with the business rules you

  • Beautiful

    Use Adzerk's APIs to build native ads that mirror organic posts.

  • Relevant

    Ads can be tailored by past behavior, search keywords, page content, and more.

  • Same Behavior

    Users can like and comment on ad directly, and clicks can go to an internal page.

Comparing Promoted Post Native Ad Platforms for Communities
  • Build A Self-Serve Portal

    Let advertisers run their own campaigns.

  • Scale Effectively

    Adzerk handles 1B+ impressions/day and can safely scale your business.

  • Offer More Targeting

    Add behavioral, geo, interest, demographic, user agent, and more.

  • Speed Up Pages

    Server-side ads increase page speeds and decrease user attrition.

Comparing Internal Promotions Native Ad Platforms

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