Yummly bakes in search-based sponsored recipes with Adzerk’s APIs

Yummly bakes in search-based sponsored recipes with Adzerk’s APIs
"With Adzerk’s APIs we easily built a high-revenue ad platform where brands can sponsor recipes that feature their ingredients."
Winnie Lee, Sr. Product Manager

More Revenue & Quick Launch

  • Food brands are willing to pay 20x+ CPMs for sponsored recipes as compared to programmatic ads
  • 90% reduction in dev time vs building ad platform from scratch
  • 1 engineer built entire product

Yummly's Challenge & Solution

Yummly needed to build revenue-generating ads that provided value to the user. They used Adzerk's APIs to build an innovative ad unit where brands can sponsor entire recipes. To ensure that their ads weren't obtrusive to the user experience, Yummly crafted sponsored recipes to look and behave like organic recipes.

Yummly ensured that ads were relevant by using Adzerk's Targeting APIs to incorporate search and keyword targeting, so that sponsored recipes appeared only for searches that included the ingredient type.

Yummly wanted to maximize revenue. Adzerk's Decision API and pacing algorithms enabled Yummly to test different pricing models until finding the highest value option.

Yummly's Sponsored Recipe example