TradingView's unobtrusive native ads drive 84x ROI

TradingView's unobtrusive native ads drive 84x ROI
"With Adzerk we were able to build an innovative native ad server that sees much higher CPMs than programmatic ads."
Iskander Malikov, VP of Operations

High-Value New Revenue Stream

  • 84x return on investment over Adzerk platform fee
  • 90%+ reduction in dev time vs building ad platform from scratch

TradingView's Challenge & Solution

TradingView needed to drive revenue without upsetting their engaged community. They used Adzerk's Decision API to build unobtrusive native ads into their site's and app's scrolling feeds.

TradingView wanted to maximize revenue. Adzerk's Decision API and pacing algorithms enabled TradingView to test different pricing models until finding the highest value option.

TradingView was able to quickly launch and start earning revenue by using Adzerk's cloud platform to launch the platform in just weeks.

TradingView's native ad example