Ticketmaster automates their internal promotions platform

Ticketmaster automates their internal promotions platform
"Before Adzerk, the events promoted on our site were manually-managed and lacked real-time optimizations. Adzerk's APIs enabled us to automate the process, which made launching campaigns easier and increased CTRs by as much as 600%."
David Han, VP of Product

What Ticketmaster build on Adzerk

Ticketmaster's results: more user engagement, less set-up work
  • After incorporating real-time optimization tools, the CTRs for their promotions increased as much as 600%
  • The marketing team saw a 75% reduction in campaign set-up times, making it easier to launch, test, and change what promotions were being run
  • The engineering team estimated that using APIs led to a 90%+ reduction in dev build time

Ticketmaster's challenges & solutions

Ticketmaster was promoting bands/events on their homepage, but this was manually-managed and not scalable. By integrating with Adzerk, the marketing team could speed up set-up times for their promotion campaigns, which decreased the work involved for each campaign by 75%.

Ticketmaster wanted to improve the relevance of their promotions and increase click-through-rates Previously, the promotions on each page were assigned and static, leaving the possibility that unrelevant events (those with low CTRs) would remain visible. With Adzerk, Ticketmaster could upload an unlimited number of artists to vie for a single placement and then have Adzerk's Decision Engine select the ad most likely to be clicked on. By taking these steps, Ticketmaster saw huge improvements in the click-through-rates of their promotions, in some cases as high as 600% higher.

"With Adzerk we built the exact ad server we wanted. No other solution could provide this flexibility.
David Han, VP of Product

Ticketmaster didn't want to redesign their site, so they needed a server-side API implementation where they could request the winning ad details in JSON and then insert that data onto the page With Adzerk's Decision API, Ticketmaster can send an ad request to Adzerk and get details about the winning ad in JSON. They can then insert this wherever they would like. This meant Ticketmaster didn't have to change the look or feel of any of their promotions on the front-end, while reaping the benefit of automation on the back-end.

Ticketmaster wanted to release their solution quickly. Ticketmaster didn't have to build this very-customized, bespoke platform from scratch because of Adzerk, letting them launch much faster than originally thought.

"Adzerk's Decision Engine is scalable, fast, and always picks the right promotion to show. It's easily the leading solution in the market."
David Han

About Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is an American ticket sales and distribution company based in Beverly Hills, California, with operations in many countries around the world. In 2010 it merged with Live Nation under the name Live Nation Entertainment