Strava promotes internal in-app content with Adzerk’s APIs

Strava promotes internal in-app content with Adzerk’s APIs
"Adzerk’s APIs let us easily build a platform for promoting internal content in a user-friendly way. It's a really powerful tool."
Andrew Touchstone, Director of Marketing

What Strava built with Adzerk

Strava's results: more revenue from more engaged users
  • Strava ran native internal promotions to upsell paid plans using user-targeting logic - which led to 7x higher engagement rates
  • 90%+ reduction in dev time vs building promotion platform from scratch

Strava's challenges and solutions

Strava wanted to promote personalized internal content to their users to increase engagement and upsell paid plans No martech tools provided the speed, scale, and customization they needed, so they looked into Adzerk's ad serving APIs. Adzerk's robust suite of tools, from a 1st-party DMP to server-side JSON responses, enabled them to build the exact internal promotions platform they wanted.

Strava didn't want obtrusive promotions, but no app ad server offered the ability to customize the unit to their liking With Adzerk, Strava could request the promotions and then insert the promotions straight into their content management system - ensuring that the look and feel of the internal promotions were native and blended in with organic content. Adzerk, meanwhile, handled the tracking and reporting of these campaigns.

Strava wanted the promotions to be relevant, in order to provide a good user experience and increase engagement rates Adzerk's UserDB became their own 1st-party DMP for targeting based on demographics and past behavior. Adzerk's Targeting APIs additionally allowed them to around location, interests, any key/value pair, relevance, and much more. By combining these two targeting methods, they were able to see a 7x increase in engagement rates.

Strava wanted to release their solution quickly Adzerk's APIs allowed them to launch 9 times faster they had estimated.

About Strava

Strava is an online network that connects millions of athletes, who track and share their activities.