PRX (makers of Criminal) innovates with dynamic podcast ads

PRX (makers of Criminal) innovates with dynamic podcast ads
"We didn’t have to build an ad server from scratch because of Adzerk’s APIs. Even though podcasts were a new ad format for them, their tools solved our problem well."
Andrew Kuklewicz, CTO

More Revenue & Quick Launch

  • Previously, PRX could show ads only on new episodes (<10% of podcasts). Now, 40% of their inventory is open to ads, driving 4x the revenue.
  • 90%+ reduction in dev time vs building ad platform from scratch

PRX's Challenge & Solution

PRX needed to add up-to-date audio ads to older podcast episodes. PRX's solution was to ping Adzerk's Decision API with real-time episode details when someone starts a podcast. Adzerk then returns an audio URL that includes both the podcast and the ads stitched together.

PRX then needed to release their solution quickly. The Adzerk cloud platform provided all the tools they needed to launch the platform in just weeks.

To make sure users hear only relevant ads, they used Adzerk's Targeting APIs to target by podcast, specific commercial break, day of week, location, and much more.

PRX's Audio Ad Implementation