PRX (makers of Criminal) innovates with personalized podcast ads

PRX (makers of Criminal) innovates with personalized podcast ads
"We didn’t have to build an ad server from scratch because of Adzerk’s APIs. Even though podcasts were a new ad format for them, their tools solved our problem well."
Andrew Kuklewicz, CTO

What PRX built with Adzerk

PRX's results: scalable platform, more revenue
  • Previously, PRX could show ads only on new episodes (<10% of podcasts). Now, 40% of their inventory is open to ads, driving 4x the revenue.
  • 90%+ reduction in dev time vs building ad platform from scratch

PRX's challenges & solutions

PRX wanted to personalize the ads to each user at time of podcast download - not hardcode ads into the podcasts In order to offer targeting, personalization, and frequency capping to their advertisers, PRX built a podcast ad platform that pings Adzerk every time someone downloads a podcast. Adzerk's Decision Engine returns the winning audio ads within milliseconds, as well as the podcast audio itself. PRX then takes this information and inserts it into their hosting tool.

PRX was only adding audio ads to new podcasts. This meant that their older podcasts were driving zero ad revenue. They wanted a way to open all inventory to advertising By building an ad platform that requests ads upon every download, PRX didn't have to worry about whether a podcast was old or new. This meant that all their older podcasts could include up-to-date ads, opening up 4x more revenue than they were getting before.

PRX wanted to manage the order of ads that a user hears and offer 'first slot', 'second slot', etc PRX used Adzerk's ad placement tools to ensure that ads get placed at specific spots in the podcast, and that advertisers know what placements they are buying.

PRX needed to release their solution quickly. Adzerk's APIs provided PRX all the tools they needed to launch within weeks - many months faster than they had internally anticipated.

About PRX

public radio exchange (PRX) operates public radio’s largest podcast distribution marketplace, including Criminal, This American Life, and Reveal.