Inskin reimagines what a programmatic ad is

Inskin reimagines what a programmatic ad is
"Within a year we opened up our supply to eight DSPs - and it was the flexibilty of Adzerk's APIs that helped us get there."
Reda Borchardt, Inskin CTO

What Inskin built with Adzerk

Inskin's results: a huge return on investment
  • 16x return on investment over Adzerk platform fee
  • 80%+ reduction in dev time vs building the integration from scratch

Inskin's Challenge & Solution

Inskin sold their rich media placements via direct deals, but with many buyers moving to programmatic channels, Inskin wanted to make their inventory available via fixed-price private marketplace deals (PMPs). They used Adzerk's APIs to integrate with a leading ad exchange and create a private marketplace for buyers to access their supply.

As their highly-bespoke ads aren't standard IAB ad units, Inskin couldn't store its creatives within the ad exchange, so needed to find a way to run PMPs despite this limitation.

Inskin found a creative solution by using Adzerk's API to:

  1. Send a request to the exchange with information about the viewable placement
  2. The exchange then sends Adzerk a response with details about the winning bid
  3. Adzerk takes this information, augments it with the actual rich-media creatives to display, and sends Inskin this data
  4. Inskin shows the creative using tracking information from the ad exchange's response, enabling the exchange to do reporting on Inskin campaigns

Inskin wanted to launch this functionality quickly and accomplished this by using Adzerk's cloud platform to launch the platform in just months.

About Inskin

Inskin specialises in multi-screen, rich-media display advertising, partners with 190 publishers, and works with over 1,000 blue-chip brand clients.