imgur builds promoted posts that users actually love

"Integration was fast, and we can now quickly iterate on new ad ideas."
Bryn Mosher, Engineer

High CPM Ads that Users Actually Love

  • 20x+ CPMs as compared to programmatic ads
  • 90%+ reduction in dev time vs building ad platform from scratch
  • Promoted posts not only drive revenue, but get positive user engagement

imgur's Challenge & Solution

imgur needed to drive revenue without sacrificing the user experience. They used Adzerk's APIs to build promoted posts that appear as people scroll through imgur's site and app.

imgur wanted to make sure that only relevant ads appeared. To ensure that users saw only relevant ads, they used Adzerk's Targeting APIs to implement frequency capping, device/geo targeting, and behavioral targeting.

imgur needed to maximize revenue. Adzerk's Decision API and pacing algorithms enabled imgur to test different pricing models until finding the highest value option.

imgur's Promoted Post Example