Chairish turns marketplace listings into sponsored listings

Chairish turns marketplace listings into sponsored listings
"Building our sponsored listing program was easy and fast with Adzerk - and our sellers love it."
Josh Hudner, Software Engineer

Fast to launch & great ROI

  • 18X return on investment over Adzerk platform fee
  • 97% reduction in dev time vs building ad platform from scratch
  • 1 engineer built in 6 weeks
  • Sellers love the ability to pay for promotion

Charish's Challenge & Solution

Charish needed to let sellers promote their organic products for better visibility. Chairish used Adzerk's APIs to turn standard listings into paid sponsored listings that appear in browsing and search results. They ping the Decision API with information about the request, and Adzerk decides which ad to show, based on rules Chairish defines. When that listing gets promoted, the seller gets charged for it.

Chairish also needed to maximize revenue. The Adzerk Decision API enabled Chairish to optmize pricing around CPCs, 2nd-price auctions, and more. To make sure the most relevant sponsored listings appeared, Chairish used Adzerk's Targeting APIs for frequency capping and keyword targeting.

Chairish wanted a self-serve option integrated into their seller portal. Using Adzerk's Campaign Management and Reporting APIs, they added their Promoted Listings offering directly into their seller portal, making it easy to scale their product.

Chairish's sponsored listing example

Chairish's self-serve portal