Chairish turns marketplace listings into sponsored listings

Chairish turns marketplace listings into sponsored listings
"Building our sponsored listing program was easy and fast with Adzerk - and our sellers love it."
Josh Hudner, Software Engineer

What Chairish built with Adzerk

Chairish's results: a new revenue stream that increased stickiness with sellers

  • 97% reduction in dev time vs building ad platform from scratch
  • 1 engineer built in 6 weeks
  • 18X ROI over the Adzerk monthly fee
  • Sellers love the ability to pay for promotion

Charish's challenges & solutions

Charish wanted to build a sponsored listings platform where sellers could pay for their products to be promoted in search results. Chairish used Adzerk's server-side APIs and flexible creative templates to turn organic listings into sponsored listings that appear in browsing and search results. Sellers set daily budgets, and then Adzerk's Decision Engine decides what products should be promoted for each ad request.

Chairish want to maximize revenue from this channel. Chairish accomplished this through a mixture of Adzerk's targeting and pricing optimization tools. Chairish uses Adzerk's Targeting APIs for geo-targeting, search keyword targeting, and frequency capping, as well as Adzerk's Revenue Optimizer that uses auction dynamics to ensure the ad that'll drive the most revenue gets chosen.

Chairish wanted to offer sellers a self-serve portal for creating campaigns. Using Adzerk's Campaign Management and Reporting APIs, Chairish added their Promoted Listings product to their seller portal. Not only did this help scale the program, it also increased seller stickiness.

Chairish wanted to launch quickly to start earning revenue immediately By using Adzerk's APIs, Chairish cut down the launch time from a year to just weeks.

Chairish's self-serve portal

About Chairish

Chairish is the design lover’s marketplace for the best in vintage furniture, decor, and art. Listing items is free, and the seller keeps at least 80% of the final sale.