Sponsor any type of listing

Thanks to our flexible tools, Adzerk works for any brand with listings: eCommerce sites, marketplaces, business listing apps, doctor searches, and so on.

Offer a self-serve ad platform

Build a white-labeled, self-serve portal for people to input targeting, budget, and CPC/CPM bids. Then connect it to Adzerk using our Management APIs.

Ad decisions handled for you

We can take tens of thousands of listing ads and choose the best one in milliseconds based on targeting, revenue goals, and more. Building this in-house could take years.

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chairish sponsored listings
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Multiple APIs provide the flexibility to build the exact sponsored listing platform you want, in 90% less time than starting from scratch

Think of Adzerk like a box of Legos: our infrastructure tools let you build, test, and tweak any sponsored listing product - with flexibility around pricing, look/feel, targeting, pacing, and much more.

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Adzerk Benefits

Built for developers. Trusted by enterprises.

Keep building an awesome core business while staying confident Adzerk can support your sponsored listings platform.

99.99% API Uptime

We’ve been doing this for a decade - we know how to keep the system running

Fast Response Times

APIs and flexible server locations ensure fast response times and minimal latency

Dev Support On Deck

You’ll be teamed with support engineers, software engineers, and account managers

GDPR Compliance

We have the tools to block EU PII and collect and honor consent

Enterprise Security

We've got SOC 1 (SSAE 16) certifications, VPCs, and more

From Our Customers
Adzerk's Decision Engine is scalable, fast, and always picks the right promotion to show. It's easily the leading solution in the market.
David Han, VP of Product, Ticketmaster
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