UX will remain the same

Since everything is done server-side, you can insert the JSON wherever you'd like - ensuring all promoted listings have the same look and feel as organic listings.

Sponsor any type of listing

Thanks to our flexible tools, Adzerk works for any brand with listings: eCommerce sites, marketplaces, business listing apps, doctor searches, and so on.

Super fast response times

By avoiding JavaScript tags, you won't have page-slowing scripts, and we can work with you to spin up new servers. We can see as low as 50ms response times, even at billions in scale.

sponsored listings

Quick MVP

Launch something in a couple weeks. If it fails, iterate. You'll build exactly what you want in no time.

100% Server-Side

JSON responses let you white-label Adzerk, serve sponsored listings, and have super fast response times (as low as 35ms).

Avoid Ad Blocking

Since these are bespoke sponsored listings displayed server-side, you can avoid ad blocking tech.

Privacy Compliance

Our tools are 100% GDPR/CCPA compliant by default - no need to worry about non-compliance.

Features Galore

Easily give advertisers the targeting features they've come to expect from platforms like Amazon.

Before Adzerk, we estimated building a sponsored listings platform would take a year. With Adzerk, we did it in just weeks.
David Han, VP of Product, Ticketmaster

Adzerk's flexible APIs make it easy to build the exact sponsored listings platform you want, in 90% less time than building it from scratch.

Think of Adzerk like a box of Legos: our server-side infrastructure tools let you build, test, and tweak any type of ad server - with flexibility around pricing, look/feel, targeting, pacing, and much more.

"Adzerk is a great partner, and we recommend them to anyone building a custom ad server."
Chief Digital Officer, Bed Bath & Beyond

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