Optimize what content gets displayed

Set your own targeting, pacing, and prioritization rules, and then have the Adzerk decision engine pick the right content to show, helping you to optimize content relevance, boost CTRs, upsell paid plans, and much more.

Your site will look the exact same

Since we return all data in JSON, you can take this info and stick it into your content management system - ensuring that your site layout and formats were the same as before Adzerk.

Amazingly fast response times

As Adzerk is all server-side, by avoiding JavaScript tags you won't have page-slowing scripts. We see as low as 50ms response times, even at billions in scale.

Ticketmaster Example
internal promotion

Adzerk's flexible APIs make it easy to build the exact internal promotions platform you want, in 90% less time than building it from scratch.

Think of Adzerk like a box of Legos: our server-side infrastructure tools let you build, test, and scale any type of ad server - and launch it 10x faster than doing it from scratch.

Test the API

Built for developers. Trusted by enterprises.

Keep building an awesome core business while staying confident Adzerk can support your internal promotions server.

99.999% API Uptime

We’ve been doing this for a decade - we know how to keep the system running

Fast Response Times

Adzerk is all about speed at scale. We can get as low as 50ms response times, even while handling 3B daily requests

Dev Support On Deck

You’ll be teamed with support engineers, software engineers, and account managers

GDPR Compliance

Our tools are 100% GDPR compliant by default - no need to worry about non-compliance

Enterprise Security

We've got SOC 1 (SSAE 16) certifications, VPCs, and more

"Adzerk is a great partner, and we recommend them to anyone building a custom ad server."
-Daniel Murray, Bed Bath & Beyond, Chief Digital Officer

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