What % of publishers do header bidding?

This month, 798 HBIX sites did header bidding, the same as May.

Biggest bidder movement
Exchange May July Change
EMX Digital 10.1% 14.3% +42%
DistrictM 14.1% 17.3% +23%
Pubmatic 24.3% 27.6% +14%
TripleLift 11.7% 12.7% +9%
Conversant 10.8% 11.4% +6%

Here are the largest month-over-month bidder movements (min: 100 instances). Numbers show the percent of sites (out of 1000) the bidders were found in.

Header bidding usage - past year


What bidders are publishers using?

This looks at the top exchanges that publishers are pinging. It's total instances seen divided by 1,000.

Next 10 bidders

This looks at the next 10 most common bidders. It's total instances seen divided by 1,000.

Top bidders over time

This follows the top bidders over the past year and is the number of instances found divided by 1,000.


What wrappers/containers are publishers using?

This includes both header bidding wrappers and post-bid network tags that employ header bidding codes. It's total instances seen divided by 1,000.

Additional Stats

Avg # of bidders over time

This looks at the average number of bidders per header bidding publisher over time.

What codebase do client-side wrappers use?

A majority of all client-side wrappers are built on Prebid.

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