News Update: Week of September 14, 2020

Jane O'Hara

This week’s news headlines reinforce that honesty is still the best policy. From the antitrust grilling of Google to the New York Times’ privacy policy analysis, our industry must move toward more transparent user interactions and positive ad experiences.

The shifts required to do so — from privacy controls to data transfers — are the inspiration for this week’s theme: managing data privacy.

We’ll explore Apple’s short notice on iOS, IDFA ideas and pushback, first-party data usage, Facebook data blocks, and more.

What we’re reading

  • Apple’s iOSurprise
    Apple lost its shine with developers (again) with this week’s surprise release of major updates — including iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 — with just one day to prepare.

    The updates make ITP the default across all major browsers, including Chrome and Safari, thereby blocking third-party cookies. Google Developer Simo Ahava's detailed blog post offers iOS 14 context and clarity — including how it will affect DoubleClick and Google Analytics. Fast Company outlines the top privacy features for iPhone users who will see a new “Allow Cross-Site Tracking” setting toggled off by default across browsers. (Related: our guides to ITP challenges and opportunities and why we hope to see more Utility Publishers)

    In related news, AdExchanger notes the absence of Apple and Google in the IAB Tech Lab’s Project Rearc coalition of ad tech companies committed to new privacy standards, Google’s struggle to find commonality with the W3C for its Privacy Sandbox proposals (including the fenced frame API) — plus Ad.Product member and Criteo CTO Diarmuid Gill’s case against browsers’ dominance in determining data privacy.
  • Apple’s IDFA Debate Continues
    App developers may be grateful for Apple’s recent delay of IDFA changes, but ad industry groups continue to push back against the ad opt-outs coming to iOS 14 early next year, and have outlined how advertisers, developers, and publishers can join forces against Apple’s “anti-competitive behavior.”

    Alternatively, Search Engine Land finds approximately 60% of iOS users may opt-in to ad tracking with the right incentives, Adjust’s VP of Product offers optimism with a strong UX strategy — and Sparrow One explains why we should all be talking about data usage rights instead.
  • EU to FB: You Can’t Get There from Here
    TechCrunch reports that Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) sent Facebook a preliminary order to suspend its transatlantic data transfers following the Privacy Shield ruling in July. Facebook has sought multiple delays to the decision “until a sustainable long-term solution can be reached” — and which could result in up to $2.8 billion in fines.

    The IAPP shares new survey data on how other organizations that import and export user data are responding to the Privacy Shield (aka “Schrems II”) ruling. (Related: Our members’ explanation of what the ruling means for US publishers)
  • Getting to Know Users on a First-Party Basis
    Digiday explains how Vice is “re-architecting” with a focus on first-party data and contextual targeting using the Experian Match tool, and how Golf is teeing up first-party user data from its Pro Shop to drive new revenue on its platform.

    Toolbox shares commentary from MediaMath on how programmatic publishers can use first-party data to deliver more relevant ads and build stronger relationships with users now that the CCPA is both effective and enforced.

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What we’re discussing

  • Our Business of Software Conference contest winners (plural)! Members Tom Ferguson from pubGENIUS and Omer Chetrit from Avantis Team will attend next week’s virtual event, which includes member Nandini Jammi.

    Thanks to member and Business of Software CEO Mark Littlewood for making an additional registration possible — and congratulations to Tom and Omer!
  • Our next webinar! Member and AT&T Lead Product Manager Nishanth Kadiyala will present “Mastering the Yin and Yang of Product” on Wednesday, October 21. Watch your inbox next week for details! (or join our mailing list now)
  • Member Rashmita Behera’s latest AdPushup roundup includes member and Adzerk VP of Marketing Chris Shuptrine: Experts Reveal the Important Yield Metrics for Measuring Ad Performance
  • Member Nandini Jammi will be the opening keynote for this year’s EU DisinfoLab conference: Register for free
  • Member Tim Sleath talks about life after cookies: Watch his EMEA edition

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Jane O'Hara

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