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News Update: Week of June 8, 2020

Jane O'Hara

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Ad.Product’s mission to create positive change in our industry — and make the most of what we already have — is the inspiration for this week’s theme: first-party data.

With third-party data dispersing and CCPA enforcement looming, publishers are looking for new ways to leverage their users’ data for improved ad experiences and revenue. We’ll explore the data trends and predictions we’ve seen and discussed this week.

What we’re reading

  • No Trusted Third-Party
    With third-party cookies crumbling, publishers are debating what will replace them. AdPushup offers some third-party cookie alternatives, Street Fight argues for earned data, AdMonsters suggests ways publishers can monetize personalized emails and notifications, and CafeMedia’s Paul Bannister shares his ‘Sell-Side’ speculations on first-party data’s future.
  • Explicit Permission Slips
    Advertisers and publishers must also grapple with pandemic-related safety concerns and new privacy laws. AdExchanger explains how GroupM is determining data sources. ExchangeWire suggests toxic data could pose greater threats than brand safety and ad fraud combined, and TechCrunch reports on Germany’s crackdown of non-functional cookies that tracked consumers using pre-ticked compliance notices.
  • Changing Habits and Perceptions
    Current events are changing how younger consumers think about data privacy. According to a new survey by Privado, Millennial and Gen Z users are taking additional privacy precautions, with 55% of those surveyed citing ad removal as their primary motivation for using private search engines. On a more positive note, Adweek reports on how Generation C (ages 6-16) will continue to influence post-pandemic household behaviors and decisions — and require the ad industry to continue to respect their privacy under CCPA and other privacy laws.
  • What If We Just Shared the Data?
    Roku continues to build its streaming service — and its cache of consumer data. The OTT platform is partnering with Kroger to integrate its grocery consumer data with Roku’s nearly 40M households. Together, they hope to attract the CPG advertisers shifting budgets away from traditional TV.

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What we’re discussing

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Jane O'Hara

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