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News Update: Week of June 1, 2020

Jane O'Hara

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The desire to build something better together is the inspiration for this week’s theme: future forecast.

As publishers seek to overcome recent declines in CPMs and maintain gains in eCommerce traffic and conversions, we’ll share a few trends, predictions, and topics we’ve been discussing.

What we’re reading

  • Vital Signs: Traffic, Revenue Rebounding
    The IAB predicts recovery may be slower for programmatic; a new study by Ascend2 has a sunnier outlook. Either way, there’s still hope on the horizon. WNIP reports that digital publishers are making gains in traffic, subscriptions, and revenue, particularly by those who demonstrate their value to users.
  • Delayed After Effects: What Will Stick With Us
    eCommerce and streaming services have already seen huge surges this spring, and mobile eCommerce growth is expected to increase to 60% of all sessions. Marketing Dive shares additional, less-expected winners, along with their predictions for which ad spending categories will continue to out-perform. As for what those ads might look and sound like, NewsCred offers insights from six advertising pros (hint: humor could make a comeback).
  • Ongoing Privacy Concerns
    While many have lost track of the days, California’s Attorney General submitted a final proposal for implementation this week, and will begin enforcing the CCPA starting July 1. AdExchanger predicts ad tech vendors will continue to seek clarity on those “data broker” designations. We predict more data privacy initiatives in the coming months, starting with this week’s release of Beeswax’s new Antenna data warehouse. (Related: Our guides to the CCPA and Google Analytics compliance)

What we’re writing

What we’re discussing

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Jane O'Hara

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