News Update: Week of July 27, 2020

Jane O'Hara

Last week, we shared some ways our industry is adapting to the pandemic.

The question of what will last beyond our current circumstances is the inspiration for this week’s theme: where we go from here.

We’ll explore the known and possible long-term impacts on digital advertising, plus a few more topics we’re discussing (besides the antitrust hearings).

What we’re reading

  • Vital Signs
    News headlines offered more signs of recovery this week. AdExchanger reports that McDonald’s hopes to recoup spring losses by adding $200M to it’s “marketing war chest,” and that ads for upcoming US elections will stem the bleeding of pandemic-related revenue drops. Street Fight expects a strong holiday season for eCommerce platforms, with increased ad spending on CTV. (Related: Our recent take on eCommerce)
  • Uncovering Ad Fraud
    As publishers seek to recover recent shortfalls, they’re also digging deeper into fraudulent ad practices. The Washington Post spotlights a Facebook and Instagram ad scam that affected more than 70 companies, and AdExchanger shares how game developers are using CPA campaigns to prevent in-app ad fraud.
  • Will Facebook Reflect?
    While those behind the Facebook ad boycott asked Congress to push harder on the platform’s practices during this week’s hearings, others doubt Facebook will change its ways.

    Given steady CPCs, Street Fight suggests only consumers can truly #StopHateforProfit, and The Drum reports on the boycott’s small dent in an otherwise strong Q2. MediaPost sees opportunities for small businesses, as Digiday describes Facebook as the drug SMBs can’t quit. (Related: See below for our members’ and industry experts’ predictions)
  • Long-Term Forecast
    As we navigate the road ahead, Digiday predicts the five changes that will accelerate media companies’ ad revenue and why publishers’ YouTube videos may soon be shorter. In the first of its two-part series, Sparrow Advisers speculates on the pandemic’s long-term impact on the wide world of sports advertising.

What we’re writing

What we’re discussing

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Jane O'Hara

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