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News Update: Week of August 3, 2020

Jane O'Hara

The past few months have been a roller coaster with more ups and downs than any of us could have anticipated.

These ongoing fluctuations — in our preferences, policies, revenues, and more — are the inspiration for this week’s theme: upswings and pushbacks.

We’ll explore the latest changes making industry news, plus a few more topics we’re discussing.

What We’re Reading

  • Social Distancing
    TikTok has been courting publishers long before we learned of its possible acquisition — but its timing may be off. Digiday reports on TikTok’s increased ad spending as it seeks to enter the social media mainstream — but waning interest from advertisers who see the platform as untested (and potentially unsafe). If Microsoft’s bid to reach younger audiences goes through, AdExchanger suggests the TikTok purchase would more likely strengthen Microsoft’s wheelhouse than create the next walled garden.

    Facebook continues to dominate social and industry media. Digiday explores where the ad boycott will go next — with larger brands feeling torn and smaller brands returning to recoup their recent losses — and WIRED interviews a Stop Hate for Profit campaign founder on how he hopes the boycott will continue to push back and evolve. (Related: Our recent roundup on the boycott’s potential long-term impact).
  • Revenue Roller Coaster
    The pandemic continues to create fluctuations in ad revenue. Google experienced its first-ever YOY declines in Q2 — and its Chrome browser may soon limit ad revenue for publishers who haven’t complied with Coalition for Better Ads’ standards for short form video experiences.

    On the plus side, programmatic publishers are enjoying higher revenues this summer as advertisers adjust their spending, Newsletter publisher Morning Brew is building on the success of its direct response ads, and despite a 25% downturn in Spotify’s spring ad revenue, advertisers turned up the volume in June and its podcast ad forecast looks bright.
  • Programmatic is WFH
    According to new survey data from the IAB and Accenture Interactive, programmatic advertising could grow by 68% this year — with more brands taking their programmatic ad buys in-house for improved reach, efficiency, and transparency. And while there is industry skepticism about the new report, it could lead to greater interest in creating better programmatic ad experiences. (Related: Member Rashmita Behera shares programmatic ad trends)
  • Privacy Settings
    The IAB Tech Lab has released SafeFrame 2.0, designed to improve ad function, page security, and more. The Tech Lab has also announced a new IAB Privacy Lab service in partnership with IAB Europe, designed to help National IAB members with privacy law compliance.

    Meanwhile, Google Ads’ GM told AdExchanger the demise of third-party cookies in Chrome will “happen when it happens,” a Dutch broadcaster has WIRED wondering if killing third-party cookies could lead to higher revenues for publishers everywhere, and a new industry group — The Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media — is pushing Apple, Google, and other browser and platform developers to reconsider their stances on user tracking. Conversely, member Lara O’Reilly explains how Europe’s tighter restrictions on user data are making it a hotbed of ad tech innovation.

What We’re Writing

What We’re Discussing

  • CafeMedia’s Paul Bannister ponders Google’s new consent guidelines: FYI on GAM

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Jane O'Hara

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