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News Update: Week of August 17, 2020

Jane O'Hara

Good news can be hard to find — but it also depends on your mindset. While those resistant to change will continue to wring their hands over privacy initiatives and a cookieless future, others (like the Ad.Product community) will grow, innovate, and build user trust by offering greater transparency and positive ad experiences.

This week, we spotlight the positive developments that inspired our theme: areas of opportunity.

We’ll explore silver linings, and where we see areas for continued improvement and growth in digital advertising.

Speaking of opportunities, you won’t want to miss our first event on September 2! Keep reading and register for this exclusive webinar.

What We’re Reading

  • Better Data Sharing
    WIRED has exposed the dark patterns and “privacy shell games” Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms use to push users into divulging more data for personalized ads — but what if more publishers just asked nicely — and offered more value in return?

    Street Fight cites new data that suggests consumers are increasingly comfortable sharing their PII with brands they trust, particularly those that allow them to choose their data collection preferences — with 60% of those surveyed approving of personalized ads based on what they like or dislike.

    Digiday suggests desktop ad blocking is ‘past its peak’ — with steady declines since 2016. While that may be due to increased mobile use and ad blocking, it could also be the result of improved ad experiences for users.
  • From Apple to Android
    While Facebook is lamenting the limited mobile tracking in Apple’s upcoming IDFA changes, noting what could be a “challenging headwind” on the heels of a healthy second quarter, others aren’t waiting for the release of iOS14. AdExchanger reports that Zynga, IMVU, Joom, and other app advertisers are looking to optimize their ad spend on Android, which offers more granular measurement data, and could lead to greater innovation. (Related: Watch for our expert roundup on IDFA next week)
  • Growth Patterns
    eCommerce is having a moment. Quora sees online shopping trending, Hearst’s UK platform is booming with relevant, shoppable ad units, and Search Engine Land reports a 45% surge in Q2 sales, led largely by big box retailers that have become more ‘essential’ during the pandemic — indicating there’s still a huge opportunity for more publishers to build or improve their eCommerce ad platforms. (Related: Our take on the importance of sponsored listings)

    eMarketer offers new data suggesting programmatic DOOH ad spending will double this year, to 6.7%, and that digital B2B ad spending will increase by more than 22% this year. MediaPost reports on expected growth of almost 15% in podcast advertising revenue this year — noting the importance of relevant, contextual ads by Megaphone survey participants.

What We’re Writing

What We’re Discussing

  • Our first webinar! Join us on September 2 to learn more about IAB TCF 2.0 with member and OneTrust PreferenceChoice Director Stephanie Hanson: Register now

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Jane O'Hara

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