How Adzerk Teaches Non-Engineers to Code With a Programming Club

The best software companies instill a sense of hacking from top to bottom - such as starting a programming club for non-engineers

Adzerk Joins EFFs Do Not Track Coalition, Becomes First to Adopt New Privacy Standard

Adzerk has joined the Electronic Frontier Foundation to enable privacy rights for users

Learn from AWS outages with After-Action Reviews (AAR)

Software outages happen and the best way to react and prevent future ones is with an After Action Review

Adzerk Ranks 262 in the Inc. 500 List, 5 in North Carolina

Adzerk ranks 262 in the Inc 500 and places in Top 5 of companies in NC

Ad Server API Innovative Use Cases

Server-side ad insertion done via APIs makes it easy to incorporate ads into any type of medium - not just websites and apps.

JSON Ad Servers - Why You Need to Implement One

JSON ad servers allow for server-side ad insertion, which provides much more flexibility than your out-of-the-box JavaScript ad servers

Splint.js: Functional first-aid for legacy jQuery Flow Control

There aren't a lot of ways to evolve jQuery applications. That's why we made splint.js for legacy jQuery Flow Control.

Boot 2.0.0 Released

Boot 2.0.0 - a build tool for Clojure - has been released

Using Docker to Run Boot From Anywhere

Docker, a popular progamming container, allows you to run Boot scripts from anywhere you like

GitHub Streaking for Fun and Profit

Programming efficiency is tough to come by, but I discovered some hacks to get there.