Sponsored Listings: The Definitive Guide for 2019

Sponsored listings are ad units where vendors, sellers, and brands pay to have their products promoted in search results

GDPR and Ad Tech: The Definitive Guide of 2019

GDPR and Ad Tech - an overview of what those in ad tech need to know abou the GDPR

OpenX Ad Server Alternatives

With the OpenX ad server closing down, now is the time to look for alternatives, including another third-party ad server or building it yourself.

Add AMP Ads To Your Accelerated Mobile Pages

Adzerk's AMP ad capabilities provide publishers with the ability to publish even faster mobile ads on their accelerated mobile pages

Hacking Trello With Custom JavaScript

Trello and kanban is great, but it can be made even better by using custom JavaScript to improve the workflow

Upgrading Your Backend Software: Software Hacks

Improving your backend infrastructure doesn't have to lead to a plethora of bug issues if you use the Four Step Process

Bringing bookmarklets back with Clojure and Boot

Remember bookmarklets? They are awesome. Here's a guide on how to write them in Clojure.

Kanban and the Five Stages of Grief

Who said there was no humor in Kanban? Let's dive into why Adzerk's Kanban process is now linked to the five stages of grief.

Ad Server API Innovative Use Cases

Server-side ad insertion done via APIs makes it easy to incorporate ads into any type of medium - not just websites and apps.

JSON Ad Servers - Why You Need to Implement One

JSON ad servers allow for server-side ad insertion, which provides much more flexibility than your out-of-the-box JavaScript ad servers