Scripting with C

C is a great language but hard for scripting. So why not automate that part?

Bringing bookmarklets back with Clojure and Boot

Remember bookmarklets? They are awesome. Here's a guide on how to write them in Clojure.

Kanban and the Five Stages of Grief

Who said there was no humor in Kanban? Let's dive into why Adzerk's Kanban process is now linked to the five stages of grief.

Boot 2.5: Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

Boot is a programming language like Clojure. Here we discuss the recent 2.5 release.

Getting That First Programming Job: Easier Than You Think

Programming jobs don't have to be unattainable. Learn how to get your first programming job without years of experience or a CS degree.

How Adzerk Teaches Non-Engineers to Code With a Programming Club

The best software companies instill a sense of hacking from top to bottom - such as starting a programming club for non-engineers

JSON Ads Are the Future of Native Ads

Native ads require a JSON server-side ad server in order to be truly integrated with a publisher's CMS and organic content

Adzerk Joins EFFs Do Not Track Coalition, Becomes First to Adopt New Privacy Standard

Adzerk has joined the Electronic Frontier Foundation to enable privacy rights for users

Learn from AWS outages with After-Action Reviews (AAR)

Software outages happen and the best way to react and prevent future ones is with an After Action Review

Why Your CMS Is Not An Ad Server

Ad serving is complicated and your standard content management system is not going to be robust enough to handle it on its own