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IAB TCF 2.0: Framework Benefits, and What’s Next for Publishers

Jane O'Hara

Under the IAB’s new Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF 2.0), publishers can standardize the collection and transmission of user consent, ensuring that the digital advertising supply chain aligns with GDPR and ePrivacy requirements.

But how does TCF 2.0 work — and why is 1.0 being replaced? Is this a must-have upgrade? If so, how can you optimize your platform for the best results?

This recording of our September 2, 2020 webinar features OneTrust's Stephanie Hanson on why publishers should upgrade their signals to TCF 2.0, why the IAB recently launched its IAB Privacy Lab — and answers to webinar attendees’ questions about managing consent strings, how the new framework works with Google, and more.

You can download Stephanie’s presentation here.

For more on IAB TCF 2.0, read our article from OneTrust's Ashlea Cartee: IAB TCF 2.0: Guidelines, Benefits, and Future Initiatives

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Jane O'Hara

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