Why You Should Integrate an Email Ad Server

Do you serve banner ads in your email marketing campaigns? If so, you know what a pain it is to manually change out image tags from one campaign to the next, especially if you need to target sets of users with different ads.

And if you're juggling advertisers, you know how hard it is to distribute different ads across an email campaign... no fun at all!

This is where an email ad server can help.

The Adzerk ad server generates code to serve email banners in a campaign, and it can also:

  • report on clicks and impressions
  • manage impression goals, click goals, Share of Voice goals, and conversion goals for campaigns.
  • prevent image caching
  • target campaigns to placements in the email template, geo-locations, devices, browsers, custom keywords...
  • pass analytics data to the URL of the creative

Why ad servers work for email ads.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing channels, and email banners are a preferred way for brands to connect with a segmented audience.

Relevant, targeted banner ads inside an email can produce astounding clickthrough rates for advertisers - actual campaign CTRs from Adzerk clients who use our email ad code include 0.71%, 1.17%, 1.48%, 1.57%... even beyond 2%!

An email ad server makes the process of managing multiple high-performing campaigns much easier than manually adding images.

With Adzerk, you can also create separate accounts for your advertisers, so they can view reports for their campaigns without having to contact you.

How it works.

The Adzerk platform lets you create campaigns from advertisers and agencies, and you can upload banners to Adzerk's ultra-fast CDN, or serve creatives hosted on other URLs.

Then, after you've set up your campaign, you can generate ad code in your Adzerk account to place in your email template. Our knowledge base explains how to do this, step-by-step.

What email publishers say about Adzerk.

Rev. Jake Dell of the Episcopal Digital Network describes Adzerk as "affordable and easy-to-use with great support".

John Yedinak of Reverse Mortgage Daily says that "we chose Adzerk because of the technology, but probably more important was the people. After dealing with no support using Dart and OpenX, we’re happy to pay someone in order to get help when we need it and bounce off ideas for a new type of ad we’re not serving already."

Want to learn more?

Contact Sales to get in touch with us about building an email ad server. We'd love to help you out!