Boot 2.0.0 Released

Hey everybody, we just released Boot 2.0.0!

Boot is a build tool for Clojure that we use extensively here at Adzerk for everything from command-line scripts to web applications. For a great overview of Boot and why it's cool, check out Daniel Higginbotham's blog post, Boot, the Fancy New Clojure Build Framework.

Since RC1 back in December we've released 13 more release candidates, and are grateful for the feedback and assistance on them all we received from the thriving community of Boot users and contributors.

We're really confident in the utility and stability of Boot, and we encourage you to give 2.0.0 a shot.

API Changes

We didn't anticipate renaming any of Boot's public functions post-RC1, but Dom Kiva-Meyer convinced us that the functions related to Filesets API really needed to be reconsidered. Thanks Dom, you were totally right!

So, with Dom's feedback, we came up with a better set of more consistently-named fileset functions and added them to boot.core. The old functions will remain forever — and tasks using them will continue to work — but they are marked :deprecated and their use will print a warning message.

Community Tasks

The number of Community Tasks has roughly doubled since RC1 and there are now over 30 community tasks listed. Go us!


The CLJSJS project has also really taken off since RC1. CLJSJS is an effort to package various JavaScript libraries for ClojureScript use, and as of today is home to 45 build.boot-based projects. Each project in CLJSJS uses the boot-cljsjs task to cut down on boilerplate and perform common tasks.


Boot 2.0.0 is only a reality because of the active participation of a huge number of people over the past couple years. Beyond the 28 contributors recorded by git, many more people have contributed bug reports, documentation, and blog posts. To all who have contributed to or otherwise helped with Boot: thank you very, very much!