Adzerk Named to Council of Entrepreneurial Development

Adzerk is honored to be recognized by the Council for Entrepreneurial Development as one of 18 "showcase companies" that will present at the CED Tech Venture Conference 2014.

These companies were selected as some of North Carolina's hottest emerging tech companies, fitting the conference theme On the Rise. The conference plans to highlight the "Rise of the Rest"— entrepreneurs and startups outside Silicon Valley who are leading the next wave of innovation from the edges.

The CED committee chose the 18 showcase companies based on meeting some or all of a number of specific criteria, including:

  • being highly disruptive in their industries
  • demonstrating significant promise and traction by attracting high-profile customers and investors
  • being led by founders with a compelling personal story and track record of previous entrepreneurial success

"We're really happy to see the spectacular growth we've made in the past few years be recognized by the larger tech community,"

... said Adzerk CEO James Avery.

The company started in 2011 with a free SaaS ad server offering, but now the Adzerk advertising platform has become a major player in the online advertising industry. Since the year of its public beta launch, Adzerk ad impressions served have grown 130 times over, including a 560% increase in 2013 alone.

"We ran into a lot of frustrated publishers and developers out in the field [...] who wanted custom advertising solutions that were easy to implement. Now we have reddit using us for native ads, RevContent using us for their widgets, and a couple of other big names I can't wait to tell you about. We were able to grow our company in Durham instead of the Valley because our product is a great fit."

"We're also glad that other exciting NC companies are getting national attention, because they had to build themselves up the same way. The ecosystem here deserves to be acknowledged."

Each of the showcase companies will present their technologies and tell their stories on stage at the conference.

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