Why Building On An API is Better than Writing an Ad Server

You need an ad server that will serve whatever data type you want, however you request it, in whatever context you throw at it. Mobile, desktop, native, banner, inside your app... the server needs to be able to do it your way. Since you're defining how ads are used in your product, you want as much control over the ad server as possible.

Either you spend the next month exploring the market for an enterprise or open-source platform that does exactly what you want, or you build an ad server yourself.

Seems like the choice is obvious, right?

Not really.

If you're feeling ambitious (and have plenty of time), you can write your own ad server in node.js (or the language of your choice). But there are API options built for maximum extensibility - the Adzerk APIs.

There are actually two APIs - the Management API replicates the campaign creation and reporting functions of the Adzerk ad platform, and the Decision API enables ad requests from a RESTful endpoint, which allows you to serve ads on any platform.

"Okay," you're thinking, "you've got an API. That's cool. But why should I tie my product into your service when I could write it myself?"

1. Using the API costs less and takes less time.

Save yourself the hours of writing, testing, and debugging your ad server. (Not to mention training your sales and ad ops staff...)

The Adzerk API is already fully-functional, called by many enterprise customers a day. It will take only a few weeks to integrate it into your system, versus potentially years of building a server on your own.

2. You won't have to maintain the back-end infrastructure.

Adzerk has an uptime guarantee, plus a real-time status page that lists any incidents or downtime in the past month.

Worried about scalability? We already have that covered. Adzerk serves dozens of billions of ad impressions a month for customers like reddit and Imgur.

3. You'll be supported by a team of engineers who serve ads for a living.

Our technical support and dev/ops teams know our product inside and out, and will assist you whenever you need help. We know how to keep an ad server well fed and happy, and we've worked with dozens of customers to bring their custom solutions to life.

4. We maintain our code base, so you don't have to.

Adzerk will be your enterprise vendor who works with you to build features and squash issues. We'll do the heavy lifting, and you'll get the benefit.

5. Our technical account managers can help optimize your setup.

Our account managers know the problems you face, and will work with your entire team (management, engineering, sales, ad ops) to make sure you get the most from your Adzerk account, and maximize your advertising revenue.

Sound interesting?

Get in touch with us below, and we'll set you up with a free test account and access to our support engineers. Contact Sales to see how Adzerk can work for you.