Ads.txt adoption by location

This looks at the Top 10K sites in each geo bucket, broken down by all sites and just sites within that 10K that show programmatic ads (to better understand adoption by those who would adopt Ads.txt)

Adoption rate changes
Bucket July Aug Change
US (Pubs Only) 91.4% 93.8% +2.6%
UK (Pubs Only) 88.1% 91.5% +3.9%
US (Top 10K sites) 30.2% 30.9% +2.3%
UK (Top 10K sites) 29.6% 30.8% +4.0%

This looks at month-over-month changes in Ads.txt adoption by bucket.

Ads.txt Adoption Over Time

This follows Ads.txt adoption since July 2018.

Breakdown of Direct vs Resellers rows

This looks at total instances of Direct and Reseller rows found.

Biggest direct seller movement
# of Sites July Aug % Change
Synacor 475 617 +30%
Unruly Media 672 760 +13%
Sonobi 1066 1188 +11%
YieldMo 741 823 +11%
Beachfront 856 944 +10%

Here are the largest month-over-month movements for Direct sellers (min = 500 instances across 4.5K files).

Most common Direct sellers

A Direct seller is an exchange/network/SSP that works directly with the publisher. The data shows the percentage of Ads.txt files each Direct vendor is in. This looks at both the top 10K US and UK lists (about 16K unique sites).

Most common Resellers

Many Direct vendors sell a publisher's inventory not directly to a DSP, but to another exchange. Ads.txt files use 'Reseller' rows to indicate to buyers this is allowed. For instance, Ads4You may be a Direct partner but integrates with AppNexus to sell the traffic, in which case Ads4You would ask the pub to add a Reseller row that lists their ID tied to AppNexus (the "Reseller"). The above looks at the % of Ads.txt files each Reseller is in and thus highlights where ad tech middlemen arbitrage traffic through. This looks at both the top 10K US and UK lists (about 16K unique sites).

Additional industry stats
avg # of direct sellers
per Ads.txt file
avg # of resellers
per Ads.txt file
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