Ad Serving Infrastructure

for Awesome Companies


A RESTful Native Ads API that responds to ad requests with a JSON object, enabling you to integrate any ad unit directly into your CMS or app

A Management API for programmatically creating, managing, and optimizing campaigns

Custom Targeting that lets you target by search keyword, geo, device, page content, past behavior, and custom data

A User Database that tracks users across devices and enables frequency capping, behavioral targeting, and user ad preferences

Self-Serve Promoted Posts

Reddit hosts their successful self-serve native ad platform on top of Adzerk's APIs.

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Search-Based Native Ads

Stack Exchange optimizes ads across hundreds of criteria, including search queries at scale.

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In-Feed Native Ads

Strava uses Adzerk’s ad decision engine to show only relevant internal promotions to their app and web users.

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Scale and Speed

Adzerk’s APIs easily handle the cross-platform scale of BitTorrent - billions of ad decisions a month.

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Audio Native Ads

PRX integrated with Adzerk to launch their innovative podcast ad platform months ahead of schedule.

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Content-Based Native Ads

Relevant native ads not only drove higher CTRs and CPMs, but deeper relationships with advertisers.

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