Adzerk Pricing Guide

Our core ad serving features are required to serve ads through Adzerk. Monthly impressions are priced at a CPM based rate as are additional features like support, white label, and sales management. You can create a customized quote below by selecting the desired contract term, using the slider to select your current impression volume, adding your desired support level along with additional features. Once completed, you can submit the quote to our sales team to schedule a consultation call.

Impressions per Month

Use the slider to select your current monthly impression total. We'll calculate the price for overages beyond 100 million impressions, and the prices for any other extensions to your account.

Have questions, or don't know what options would be best for you? Get in touch with the sales team for a consultation.


Choose one of the following support options based on your needs:


Choose which extensions you need to complete your Adzerk account.