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A platform for building your ad infrastructure

Custom Events
RTB Partners
Management API
Forecasting API

A Native Ads API for ad design, decision making, and serving. Works from the web, mobile, or server-side. 100% JSON and zero cookie or web dependencies

Custom Events you can request and track per impression. Track viewability, hover, shares, plays, skips, or define your own events
UserDB is a server-side database that lets you tailor ads at the user-level. Implement cross-device frequency capping, behavioral targeting, retargeting, first party data targeting, and more
Our RTB Integration syncs with all major DSPs and exchanges. This includes the functionality to run private marketplaces using dealId
RevEngine optimizes your revenue based on eCPM and programmatic demand. Includes network passbacks, server to server conversion tracking, and more

Our Web UI and Management API let your ad ops team set up, monitor, and optimize campaigns

Our Forecasting API provides volume estimates for the sales team

A Complete Suite of Native Ad Serving APIs