Reddit Is Using Adzerk

Reddit Alien

Adzerk is thrilled to welcome reddit as one of our newest enterprise customers. While we've been quietly collaborating with them for the past few weeks to get them up and running, they made the news public today on /r/blog.

reddit was previously managing their ads with DoubleClick for Publishers. They chose Adzerk in part for our keyword system which helps them report, forecast, and target on all 100k+ subreddits.

We're excited about our relationship with reddit, and about the enthusiasm of their users for our votable ads. If comments on the announcement post are any indication, many users are even disabling ad block!

Weve Moved Again

In the time since I've joined Adzerk, we've had five offices. We had three spaces in the American Underground (with each one larger than the last), then we sublet an office in the Venable Center for about six months.

The Fastest Ad Server In The World Just Got Even Faster

Last week we promised some big announcements. So here's this week's announcement: we've rebuilt our ad serving engine! How's that for big news? From a customer perspective, everything is still the same adOS you know and love. Adding campaigns, running reports, and setting up ad code are all exactly the same. So why did we do this?