Welcoming Rubicon Project to the adOS Marketplace

Posted Apr 10, 2012 by

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Rubicon Project to the adOS App Store – available today for every publisher and network using the adOS platform.

We added a Marketplace to adOS to help publishers and networks more easily take advantage of the many great ad serving tools and services. Adding Rubicon Project to the Marketplace goes a long way to solving a need that we constantly hear from publishers and even premium networks, everyone wants to increase revenue by accessing more demand and optimizing their inventory. This is something we hear no matter what ad serving platform or how many ads they serve!

Here are some answers to popular questions about this announcement:

Who is eligible to use the Rubicon Project App?
We’re excited to offer the Rubicon Project’s REVV platform to all Adzerk customers. The partnership between Rubicon and Adzerk gives all Adzerk customers access to use a Real Time Trading platform that enables publishers to connect with buyers and sell ad inventory in real time. As a publisher, REVV maximizes your revenue.

Can I add Rubicon if I’m using other SSP’s?
No. We are not becoming a meta SSP platform – the goal of offering the Rubicon app in the Marketplace is to make Rubicon more accessible to publishers of all sizes not to layer Rubicon ontop of other SSP’s. As we add more SSP’s to the Marketplace we will only enable a single platform per account.

Will I be paid from Rubicon or Adzerk?
When you install the Rubicon Project app in your adOS account Adzerk will register your site(s) with Rubicon as part of the integration process. Rubicon will pay Adzerk for all impressions delivered to your site(s) and Adzerk will in-turn pass the payment on to you. In short: the checks will come from Adzerk, Inc. once we receive payment from Rubicon.

What if I already work with Rubicon Project? Do I have to use Adzerk’s Rubicon Project account?
Simply put, continue to use Rubicon the way you’ve always used it. If you already serve Rubicon ads with your own Rubicon account you can continue to do so with adOS. If you don’t already serve Rubicon ads then it will certainly be easier for Adzerk publishers to get new Rubicon accounts by installing the app in adOS. Signing up through Adzerk is meant to be a convenience not a restriction.  

Why Rubicon Project and not other SSPs?
At adOS we are passionately agnostic about your ad tech choices – we refuse to take sides and dictate that our publishers and networks should use one tool over another. We believe this sets us apart from every other ad server out there. We are building adOS to empower you as a publisher to choose the tools you would like to use – we will work with any and every ad tech company out there so that you can build the stack that makes the most sense for you. You can expect more apps to be announced soon!

What is required to get started?
You must have an adOS account and you must have at least 48 hours worth of traffic served through adOS so we have traffic data to get your site added to Rubicon. You can expect to get ads up and running within a couple days of installing the app. More integration is in the works to streamline this process further and add more value to Adzerk customers so stay tuned over the next couple of months as we further integrate with Rubicon – there are exciting things to come…


About Rubicon Project:

Scale Drives Demand, Data Drive Performance. Make the most money from each ad impression using the Rubicon Project app. Use Rubicon’s REVV real-time advertising platform to sell each of your ad impressions at the highest price. How? Through machine-learning engineered for selling, REVV learns you ad inventory creates an optimal auction scenario for each impression by exposing it to one of the 600+ buying partners (DSPs, Ad Exchanges, Agency Trading Desks and Ad Networks). Quantcast identifies Rubicon’s marketplace as the #1 source for display traffic.