Weekly Webinar!

Posted Apr 13, 2012 by

Weekly Webinar

We’re happy to announce a new Weekly Webinar Series. This is for anyone that’s interesting in learning more about Adzerk and would like to see some of the features in a demo. We’ve blocked an hour of Ron’s time to walk everything through the basic features of Adzerk and answer any of your questions. I expect this will only last 30 minutes but Ron is happy to stick around for anyone that wants to chat more.

When: Thursdays at 1pm ET

So that we know how many attendees to expect we ask that you simply provide your name and email address and you can expect to get the webinar details emailed to you shortly .

Also, feel free to send over any questions or scenarios ahead of time and Ron will be sure to work those into his performance!

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When: Thursday at 1pm ET