New Features- Site Remainder Settings

Posted Apr 4, 2012 by

We’ve had requests for a way to allow Publishers to upload and manage their own remainder creatives. For example, if an Ad Network has a backup campaign that fills ad slots when they don’t have a direct sold ad to show. They may (or may not) pay publishers for showing these ads. Publishers wanted a way to show their own ads if the Network doesn’t have a paid campaign to serve. The result is our new Site Remainder Settings feature.

How it works

For Networks

As a Network, if you would like to allow remainder settings for your publishers, you would simply¬†create a Channel and enable ‘Remainder Override’ for flights in that channel. (If you wanted, you could also just enable it for an existing channel.)

Remainder Override Enabled ChannelThe updated layout of the Channel page. Enable Remainder Overrides is now an option.

You’ll now see a new Priority created for this channel called ‘Site Remainder Flights’. All site remainder creatives setup by your sites will be inserted into this new priority. If there’s nothing to serve in a higher priority then the creative from this priority will be served before any lower priority flights (in the example image that would be the House priority).

For Publishers

1.) Navigate to ‘Sites’ > ‘Remainder Creatives’ to upload remainder creatives.

Remainder Creative Page in Publisher viewThe Remainder Creatives page in the Publisher view

2.) Upload your Remainder Creatives. The Creative uploader for Remainder Creatives is a little simpler than the regular one Network Admins use in the Flights page.

Remainder Creative uploader
The Remainder Creatives uploader

Give it a try, and see what you think! We’ll be looking to see how this feature is helping our users’ workflow.


We welcome questions and feedback! If you have something to say, let us know