Advertiser Mode

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Advertiser Mode

Last month we discovered a surprising fact – there were a number of advertisers using adOS as an advertiser side ad server. To get the ad code to work correctly they had to do some special targeting with zones and creatives to make sure that the ad code they handed out only showed the specific creative they wanted it to serve. We decided to spend a little time and add a feature called Direct Targeting just for this new group of users.

The Advertiser Mode App in the adOS Marketplace.

You can begin using Direct Targeting by installing the Advertiser Mode app in the adOS Marketplace. This app is free to install and use, and allows you the ability to generate ad code to serve:

  • Creatives from a single campaign
  • Creatives from a single flight
  • Just one specific creative

This is very useful if you are using Adzerk to track campaigns that you are buying on other sites or networks. You can generate ad tags that will always show creatives from a specific campaign, flight, or just a single creative. You can then give these tags to a site for them to place them on their pages, or in their ad server.

Once it’s enabled, you’ll see the ‘Get Ad Code’ button added to the Campaigns list view, Flights list view, and creatives list view.

Advertiser Mode Button
The Advertiser Mode button on the Campaigns list view.

Clicking the ‘Get Ad Code’ button will popup this window, which allows you to select a site and ad size before generating the code.

The Advertiser Mode Ad Code Popup.

We never set out to build an ad server for advertisers – but we are excited to see advertisers using adOS and will continue to include features that give them a better experience where it makes sense

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