The Advertiser Creative Management App

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Advertiser Creative Management

When you’re selling ad inventory to advertisers it requires a lot of coordination, and a lot of emails. It only gets more complicated as you grow and add team members. We’ve had requests for an easier way to manage creative uploads with advertisers, and this is the result: The Advertiser Creative Management App.

The App in the adOS Marketplace

The app is now available for installation in the adOS Marketplace. It’s free to use, and adds a group of features to your adOS account. The features include:

  • For Advertiser Logins:
    • Ability to upload creatives and see the history of all creatives they’ve uploaded
  • For Admin Logins:
    • Ability to approve or not approve uploaded creatives
    • Notification when a creative has been uploaded
    • A shortcut from the Advertiser list page to a list of pending creatives for any given Advertiser.
What Advertisers will see

Once the app is enabled, here’s the big change for Advertisers:

The Creative tab of the Advertiser logged in view.

In addition to the campaigns list and self-serve reports pages, Advertisers can now:

  • see what creatives they’ve uploaded,
  • see whether they were approved or not,
  • and upload new ones.

Once Advertisers upload new creatives, they have a window of time to edit them before they are finalized by a Network Admin approving or not approving. They can enter in all the information associated with the creative like click URLs, size, format, etc.

Admin Approval

Once you’ve installed the app, as an admin you’ll see a new field on your Advertiser Management page- a place that shows you whether or not there are creatives awaiting your approval for an Advertiser.

Advertiser List ViewThe Advertiser List View in adOS

2) Select an Advertiser from the Advertiser List Page

You can click the ‘Creatives’ shortcut to go straight to the creatives list for that advertiser, the ‘Campaigns’ shortcut to go straight to the campaigns for that advertiser, or click the Advertiser name to go to the Advertiser Management page as usual.

Advertiser Management PageThe Advertiser Management page with ‘Pending Creatives’ tab.

The ‘Pending Creatives’ is the final piece of the workflow where you can approve an advertiser’s uploaded creative to start serving or reject a creative and notify the advertiser via email.


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