April 8th Release

Posted Apr 8, 2011 by

The Adzerk team has been busy rolling out new features over the last couple of weeks so I’m back with an update. One look at the Adzerk management interface and you’ll immediately notice some of the improvements.

Usability and Workflow

Continuing on our theme from the last release, we’ve poured on improvements to streamline the process of managing your campaigns, flights and creatives. The result is a lot more information made easily available without a lot of clicking to get it.

  • UI can now be modified using custom CSS/JScript by each customer
  • ‘Bonus’ term changed to ‘Adjustment’
  • Custom Advertiser agreements
  • Added a creative list to the Advertiser page
  • Dashboard now shows campaigns underperforming (as opposed to just latest)
  • Added CTR to Campaign, Flight, and Creative screens
  • Added thumbnail of creatives to reports and creative screen
  • Added expandable views in the campaign list and flight list for a campaign
  • Ability to delete creatives
  • Reports can now be emailed
Ad Delivery
An ad server is only as good as the data you can get out of it. With this release we’ve integrated with the IAB’s spiders and bots list to exclude fraudulent clicks and impressions from your counts. This results in more accurate counts and less discrepancies with third party ad servers.
Network Functionality
The goal here is more flexible and more configurable.

  • Invite emails can be configured to come from a custom email address
  • Update the publisher ledger on a daily or monthly basis
  • Custom publisher agreements
We’ve come a long way in a short time but we have big plans for Adzerk.  In the coming weeks you can keep an eye out for a reporting API, automatic publisher payouts and ways to maximize your ad revenue.